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I Hate My Step Kids But I Dont Now Why

my and my boyfriends have been together for over 7 years now and there in 29 year age gap between us but he is amazing he dose every thinks for me and our kids but he has got 5 kids from a different relationship. i hate them i just cant get along with them and there set a bad example to my kids but if i say some think to them is cause problems for me and my boyfriends it has come to the point when i think to my self is it best if i go for my kids i would love for some one to tell my that there got the same problem or give my some tips how to get over this problem
mkc210 mkc210 22-25 1 Response Jan 29, 2013

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I feel the same most days, and my stepchildren are young. One of my stepdaughters finally admitted that she acts the way she does simply to disobey me on a constant basis. She just turned six years old, but she went as far as leading my two year old daughter into the lake this summer after I specifically said not to go near the water yet. So she grabbed hold of my daughter's hand, and before I know it, all I can see of my two year old is her eyebrows and forehead above the water. After that, I just can't seem to get over the complete disregard for authority and the fact that she knew she was putting her sister in danger.