What does it matter if i ate all the food or not? you still aren't getting any either way so drop it...

Arorin Arorin
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31 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I didnt eat any nachos floydess, sara is just being dramatic..

You ate almost all of them between the kitchen and here....

fine here they are!

Sara pouts until the lion brings her nachos.......

I gave you some nachos!

I want some nachos.... and I want them.... NOW

So mean to me today! what the hell redhead?!

I know you are....<br />
<br />
I just KNOW IT!!!!

I am not!

You're probably eating them yourself just as soon as you make them, aren't you!

Good nachos take time to be made! jeez!

NOW! I want some NOW>

Zomg! fine!! make you some nachos!


It is morning for me still!

Where? It's lunchtime and I'm HUNGRY!

I already fixed you some!

I want my nachos back. It wasn't right for you to have eaten them all.

yeah but I am so much better that the other lion will be scarded away!

it is called confidence.

He will

Rawr at it I guess and watch it run away.

yeah but we only do that against other lions.

naw the lady lion hunts for me. I am just fine sleeping all day.

Why use a dictionary when I got you to spell it for me? and no I am not quick. I am a lazy lion.

i didnt know how to spell the word was all. They are quick...

yeah! that is it!

Those dog like things that laugh.

I dont even remember...

Who you talking to? Not your poor old gran I hope!