My Cousin Blames Me For Her Failed Relationship -_-

My cousin Laura fat Christie Mae blames me for her troubled relationship because of how her douche bag boyfriend started messaging me after we talked about hockey during a social. I tried telling her we were just talking about hockey but she did not believe me. So after that we kept talking about hockey ( me and that douchebag) and apparently at the same time he told her he cheated on her and didn't want to see her anymore and because I was talking to him about hockey she blamed me and tried saying he cheated on her with me which did not happen because he cheated on her with my other cousin (from my dads side) which I didnt find out till later. Any ways in the end I ended up falling for the douche after we started hanging out which wasnt till way after he dumped her. Long story short after the douchebag took my virginity he went back to her and cheated on her again with my cousin and she still blames me for her not trusting him. Like I dont control your thoughts you cow you took him back so you must trust him or think you do. Newsflash your not that ugly and could probably find a guy who treats you better like I did. Have some self respect hes a pig.
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Jan 22, 2013