No Such Thing As 100%

Same story as the rest of the posts, except I'm not a kid who just got dumped or a high-schooler trying to make it to graduation. I'm 44 years old and I've hated life since I was 18. I'm NOT afraid of death and have attempted suicide a few times. I've successfully killed myself TWICE and was brought back each time... proving that God doesn't believe in 100% either. I doesn't sound like he loves all of us equally.

One plus one doesn't equal two, did you know that? Mix one gallon of water with one gallon of alcohol and you don't have two gallons of fluid. Even math is a variable... a "it works this way most of the time."

What I hate most about life are the ignorant people who don't understand that not EVERYBODY likes being here (hence, no such thing as 100%). Not everyone likes chocolate. Not everyone liked "The Matrix." Not everyone wants to win the lottery. Why are they too dumb to see that not everyone likes life?

Great comedian, Doug Stanshope, has the most brilliant view of life/suicide I've ever heard. "Let's say you're in a movie theater and everyone is talking about how much they LOVE this movie. Ten minutes into the film and you realize that it's crap. Everyone else loves it, but you hate it. Twenty minutes later, and the movie sucks even more. After ten more agonizing minutes of watching total garbage,are you going to leave the theater or hope against hope that the last part of the movie is so fantastic that it makes up for the forty minutes of crap you had to sit through?"

Perfect analogy.

I hope your life gets better... me? I've been having a lot of headaches and I hope it's a tumor. It will save me the trouble of having to be revived by EMT's again. Sayonnara *******.
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

I feel this way about most movies in the theaters too. excepts I just leave.

I totally agree with you. Not everybody enjoys living.

I think intelligent people can see how our society is making our lives meaningless. Today I'm 25 years old, but since I was 23 I've been thinking how many years I still have to live without liking to be alive. That is how I came across your text and this site. This is my first post.

I've also hoped having a tumor when I had some stomachaches and headaches, 'cause then I would be allowed to leave. That would not be my fault. But I still hope to find something pleasant forward in the movie, for I have no will or courage to leave it by myself. Although I think I cannot live my life as most people do, for I do not want to get married, or get a good job, or be rich... I just hope for a change in the world, a change that could bring meaning for those who don't like this life as it is.

Thank you for sharing your visions and feelings about your life.

Sorry for any mistake, I speak English as a second language.