I Wish I Was With Him...

Its weird.. Really weird..
Never thought meeting someone online would end up feeling like this..
I know.. This sounds pretty weird.. But I'll explain myself..
We have so much in common.. Talk all the time.. See one another now and then.. But when it gets dark.. The lights go out.. And I'm alone MY GOD dont I just wish I was curled up in bed with him..
We talk as much as we possibly can.. But MY GOSH the things I wanna do to him.. The things I think about him..
I think we can be so good for one another..
We think pretty much the same.. But I wanna know what he thinks of me.. IN DEPTH..
OH JHEEZE.. I just wanna get him for ONE NIGHT even if it was the last time I ever saw him.. And make it a night to remember.. Get my hands on him.. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear.. Play some slow.. Sexy.. Seductive music in the background.. Show him what I can really do.. Cause its all easy 'talking the talk' but can I want to show I can.. 'walk that walk' and make sure he remembers it..

Heres how I imagine it..
Dark room.. Candles lit.. Or dimmed lights..
Music softly playing in the background..
Hands will begin to wander and caress..
Clothing will be removed.. And delicately thrown onto the floors..
No way am I going to give in that easy..
Whisper naughties in his ear.. Gently run my finger tips up and down his legs..
Blind fold him?
Sure why not... Kisses from head.. to.. no no.. Havent made it to the toes as yet.. Gonna stop half way.. and make my way back up...
{ohh yesss}
Keep the mind wandering.. Keep him excited..
Stroke my hands up and down his legs as I heavily kiss him..
{this is sending my mind crazy thinking about me doing this to him...}
Should I let him take the lead? Or should I continue?

This is why.. I dont wish to be alone at night anymore..
Hes everything to me.. And not only sexually.. But in every way possible..

browneyedprincess browneyedprincess
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010