My Tornado Brain

My mind depresses me far too often. I am much more negative than I am positive. Even though I am very successful and driven to achieve, I am very hard on myself so I never get to appreciate it. Its so difficult because my thoughts on my failures and past never stop. Being with people and watching tv/movies shut all the thoughts out so its nice for a while but then I am more mad at myself for procrastinating or not using my time for greater potential. Its so hard to study because these same thoughts make it SO difficult to focus, then I'm more frustrated for not getting enough work done and getting distracted. Its so difficult, I wish I could just live and do well peacefully. Really, I give myself such a hard time, but I don't know how to stop. You would think that your own mind should be the easiest thing to control in life. But for me, many times, my own mind is my worst enemy. Wish I could overcome this...
shesokay shesokay
May 17, 2012