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Alone Could Be The Only Way

Sometimes being alone with thought leads you into a deep chasm that leads to only more thought. I've had an unsettling thought recently that has left me in just such a place.

It's a lonely place.
A deep hole with vast caves and dark tunnels that seem to lead in many directions.
A place I must search for myself.

Suggestions or answers from anyone else could cloud my judgment. Causing me not to deal correctly with whatever comes through my mind.

My answers must be my own.
Should they lead me to good or they lead me to bad, the only way I will be sure of the answers fitting my life is if I travel this empty lonely maze without the help of anyone. Relying only on what I have learned thus far from life and my instinct to survive and always come out smiling.

There is a little fear of finding an answer that I do not want to hear. But I must leave that up to the powers of the universe that have taken so much good care of me and guided me so well.

I do hate being alone with my thoughts, yet there are times I realize that alone is the best.

I just hope that is not my answer...

oldfarmguy oldfarmguy 61-65, M 2 Responses Nov 13, 2012

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Astute thoughts. I'm afraid to think about old stuff or deal with issues. I have been struggling with my thoughts I seem to be taking a bit of a downward turn. I was afraid to go there but I think after your words I can start along the path. I shall give it a try after all it's me leading and following in the journey.

I don't like being alone with my thoughts either. It usually makes me start to think negative even when I have no reason to. I hope you the best.