It Sucks

All this started this past summer. I wanted to get back with a woman I previously dated while I was in college. She is now dating another guy when I put a lot of effort into trying to make things work again because she was set up with him. I could not find many people to hang out with after that. My brother's death is also contributing to this because I have looked up to him throughout my entire life and it sucks with him not being here. Having no steady job does not help either because I guess getting a bachelor's degree in political science is something that does not earn you many opportunities and hate getting turned down again and again. I even got turned down for volunteering. This is rediculous. Usually when you put efforts into things, they expect to payoff but it turns out things have just gotten worse for me. Even when I have tried to reach out to people in the most respectful way possible, I don't get the same treatment in return. If this site truly works then perhaps someone reading this could reach out to me.
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2 Responses Oct 24, 2010

i know how it feels. there was a time in my life when i <br />
realized that its not the end of the world and life must go on. No matter how hard i tried to be strong, its like a ghost haunting you. I dont know what to say but what happened to you is exactly the thing that happened to me. :'(

I know exactly what you mean. I wish I had some really amazing advice to give you, because that would probably mean that I overcame my issues as well. Unfortunately, I don't. I have no amazing answer. I spend so much time looking back in my life and it seems like everything I reflect on has a been a failure in some way or another. It becomes so hard to keep trying and putting your faith into the things you hope for when everything in the past has let you down. I can only tell you the same thing that I tell myself when I want to give up, when I wish that I would lay my head down and not have to wake up to another morning: If I'm going to be here, and I am going to be living this life, then I might as well keep fighting. I might as well keep giving every ounce of strength that I have to win, even when it hurts (which it does all the time), even when I've failed miserably over and over and over (which I do all the time), because either way I'm going to die- 500 years from now I won't be heare and none of this will mean a thing. To some people thats a reason to give up. To me, thats a reason to give my all and make sure that I achieve the one thing that I want out of this life before I go- happiness! Think and Grow Rich, a book by Napoleon Hill, says that every failure brings with it the seed for equivalent or greater success. That's determined by whether or not we learn from our failures and persevere through them. I pray that your failures lead to an abundant success, as well as mine, and that some day we happen to meet as two incredibly happy individuals who have so much to tell about the blessings of life. Be strong and know where your going. Having a reason to succeed means having a reason to fail. God Bless- Mike