Bieng Alone...

It seems like everytime i get close to someone i get burned one way or another, so i always end up bieng alone. i dont really like admitting this but im tired of hiding the way i feel. i just wish that for once i could be with a girl and not get my heart broken. im not saying this cuz im desperate to have a girlfriend. or so people can feel sorry for me. i just want people to understand me. im not perfect, but im a really nice guy. some say that im goodlooking and wonder why i dont have a girlfriend... i know that special someone will come into my life sometime, i just wish it didnt take so long.
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2 Responses Jan 24, 2011

Thanks and good luck to you. its nice knowing im not the only one.

I know how you feel. Same for me ... from time to time it seems to be pritty hard to keep on going instead of capitulating (someone told me that the easiest thing to do is to ensue, but I find it hard - I'd tend to say I can not ensue. I never can.) <br />
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I have never been lucky when it comes to realationships, too. I guess I never had one at all. What ever I had it didn't count as a realtionship! <br />
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Sometimes I ask myself if there is something wrong with me and that doesn't get better if people keep telling me , that a normal girl would be much more of a sweety, a normal girl is not loud or funny or rude from time to time ... a normal girl isn't into gaming and isn't tough when it comes to doing a job the right way ... DAMN! I got it: I am not normal, but I don't want to completely change myself ... because then I wouldn't be myself anymore! <br />
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And so I guess I will have to wait, too for a "real man" able to deal with some girl other then a stupid cute bunny-pie-princess <br />
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& I wish you good luck, dart!