I Hate This Place


I'm a Software Engineer working in a M.N.C, every1 thinks that I must be super happy because I have good job but what others doesn't know is that I'm alone. I'm the only girl in my team, every other person in my team have their own group and so most of the time I get my own food from Hostel so that I don't have to go to cafeteria but sometimes I have to ask this weird group of girls for lunch. I sit with them for lunch listen to their chit chats but most of the time it seems to me as if I'm invisible to me. I know it sounds like a High school kid story but I'm living like this for past 18 months.
Today I waited for them to go to cafeteria, as usual by the time we reached lunch was over and so everyone went out for lunch except me because no one bothered to ask me. I know this is not an issue but I hate being alone sitting in my cubicle I can see every1 chatting to one or other person but I'm sitting like a dumb in my seat.
If someone reads this story please notice that I'm not a nerd or boring person I have lot of friends but because of my current job I have shifted to a new place and so I don't have any friends over here.
I miss my family and friends. I wan to go back to my place but can't because there are no IT companies at my home town and so I have to spend 160 hours per month in this cubicle.
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22-25, F
May 7, 2012