Alonely? Xd

I'm naturally an introvert so I like being alone time to time. But sometimes i really hate it, and I can't stand it. I get really lonely, and I don't know who to turn to and its never fun -.- I'm also like a crowd phobic. Or just people phobic? I dont know. I do leave home and stuff, but I just shy away from people. Its sucky cuz sometimes you wanna fit in and be the talkative type, but I can't force myself to change. I guess its about leaving my comfort zone, but we all know if that were easy, then we'd all do it, right? yeah... conundrums
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you are so welcome,anytime you want to talk to someone else as a friend just send me a private message and we can will be just fine it will all work out just don't get down and out.

Everybody needs their space sometimes.and I like it is also good to mengle with people just don't let them get to you . Just my opinion don't think it is very healthy to be alone all the time,a very easy way to become depressed .

well that's why i said "from time to time" I'm actually with my family right now, so its kind of perfect for me because i get the space i want when i want, and i have SO MANY people to spend time with if and when i want to be around them. I'm actually not looking forward to school yet because i'll be relatively alone.. i mean yeah if i go to UC i have my boyfriend to live with but ... he's one person, and i still get lonely :( (he satisfies my needs but you can't expect someone to be attached by your side like glue. not ONE person all day EVERY day, you'll get sooooo sick of that person) so yeah, sometimes its just not enough. and I wish i knew HOW to get out and make some friends... ugh. 5 years in college, u'd think i'd be able to make some friends by now. Just to hang out with. take walks with go to the park with idk, just someone to chill with OTHER than my bf. i mean i can entertain myself for the most part, but just that one hour every so often, i kinda wish i had a buddy = :( i've tried joining clubs and sororities and i've really gone out of my way, volunteering and doing so much. it just never seems to work out...

thanks for your reply! btw

am an introvert as well, and its to the point where i act extroverted to seem "normal" but when i really cant stand being in a crowd over 2 other people.

Oh you described me lol I like quiet so I can sort out my thoughts but I don't like being alone when I go to the store I envy the clicks and companionship but then I get overwhelmed with noise action unpredictable peopleand trying to decide things then I get fed up with all of it and just go home to destress from what was supposed to be a fun get away lol.

I feel your pain, i know exactly how you feel