Being Alone

I am a social person so being alone is like being put in prison. Social contact is what makes me happy. Circumstances find me alone in a small town where interaction with a lot of people is limited. Not being one to spend time at the local taverns limits access to a lot of the locals. Although I was raised here, most of those I knew and who knew me have passed away. So after work, it's gym time, maybe visit a friend but in the end it's coming home to an empty house. That is when the absolute aloneness sets in. Hate that feeling. Cooking for one, playing on the computer, listening to music or watching TV are my outlets. I can deal with this most of the time. But after spending a lot of years feeling alone even while living with someone, has made me hate being alone even more. I am sure there are people who understand feeling alone even with someone you love. Those who have experienced that sort of being alone know exactly how I feel.
dayminder2012 dayminder2012
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I empathise with you greatly.