I Think Ive Figured Out Why....

its not that i dont like being by myself... its just the implications of being alone....

i was directed to a website on Borderline Personality Disorder by one of my therapist people. it puts my feelings into words better than i could. also makes me sound like a complete crazy, but meh, im working on it,....

An Overview of Borderline Personality Disorder

People with BPD often have highly unstable patterns of social relationships. While they can develop intense but stormy attachments, their attitudes towards family, friends, and loved ones may suddenly shift from idealization (great admiration and love) to devaluation (intense anger and dislike). Thus, they may form an immediate attachment and idealize the other person, but when a slight separation or conflict occurs, they switch unexpectedly to the other extreme and angrily accuse the other person of not caring for them at all. Even with family members, individuals with BPD are highly sensitive to rejection, reacting with anger and distress to such mild separations as a vacation, a business trip, or a sudden change in plans. These fears of abandonment seem to be related to difficulties feeling emotionally connected to important persons when they are physically absent, leaving the individual with BPD feeling lost and perhaps worthless. Suicide threats and attempts may occur along with anger at perceived abandonment and disappointments.

Details about Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.
The perception of impending separation or rejection, or the loss of external structure, can lead to profound changes in self-image, emotion, thinking and behavior. Someone with borderline personality disorder will be very sensitive to things happening around them in their environment. They experience intense abandonment fears and inappropriate anger, even when faced with a realistic separation or when there are unavoidable changes in plans. For instance, becoming very angry with someone for being a few minutes late or having to cancel a lunch date. People with borderline personality disorder may believ that this abandonment implies that they are “bad.” These abandonment fears are related to an intolerance of being alone and a need to have other people with them. Their frantic efforts to avoid abandonment may include impulsive actions such as self-mutilating or suicidal behaviors.

Unstable and intense relationships.
People with borderline personality disorder may idealize potential caregivers or lovers at the first or second meeting, demand to spend a lot of time together, and share the most intimate details early in a relationship. However, they may switch quickly from idealizing other people to devaluing them, feeling that the other person does not care enough, does not give enough, is not “there” enough. These individuals can empathize with and nurture other people, but only with the expectation that the other person will “be there” in return to meet their own needs on demand. These individuals are prone to sudden and dramatic shifts in their view of others, who may alternately be seen as beneficient supports or as cruelly punitive. Such shifts other reflect disillusionment with a caregiver whose nurturing qualities had been idealized or whose rejection or abandonment is expected.

(source; http://psychcentral.com/lib/2007/symptoms-of-borderline-personality-disorder/)



it sucks. a lot. i cant deal with being too far from anyone who cares for me. because unless im reassured about their feelings for me i feel they have disappeared...

Tesse Tesse
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But for borderline personality disorder one is scared of abandonment. Does it also ring true for those who are paranoid about being home alone as well? I was just wondering that myself, thinking how ridiculous I am with being paranoid someone is in the house when I'm alone at night. I really hate it :(<br />
<br />
I've been questioning myself of having this "disorder" so I've been researching it. So that's why I ask >.>

i to have be told i have that that y i cant have my kids home

thank you my lovely :)<br />
it just makes relationships of any kind very difficult. Im working through it though :)

Well, know that you do have friends here. Email me whenever you need to.