I think its called monophobia. The fear of being alone.

I've always just thought that it was normal, that feeling you get when you're alone. I found out recently it wasn't.
When I'm alone I get this sudden jolt. I start panicking and my emotions get the better if me. Its usually the urge to cry. Its worse when I see someone leaving.

For example, if I'm talking with my grandma on couch an she gets up I start getting anxious. If I ask her not to leave (Usually I won't say anything.) and she keeps walking I start panicking. If she doesn't come back then I might get the urge to cry or actually cry. This happens often, and with many people. I can't be alone in my house, in public, (I hate being around strangers in general.) at school, ect. It sucks because I know I can't always have someone with me. I think I dread school the most because I never seem to have the same class with anyone I know. If I do know them its probably because they hate my guts. I can't just make new friends because of my constant anxiety when I'm in public. I want everyone to pretend i'm not there, but at the same time I don't want to be alone. Its complicated and weird...
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I have the same problem it's terrible

That sounds pretty bad I hope things get better so that you can make more friends and will be less restricted by your fear of being alone
And sorry I don't really have any ideas as to what would help make it better or solve it