Need Warmth

Maybe being alone is the one thing I hate the most in life. I just cant stand the silence, its suffocating. I always need the presence of a friend or my bf(especially him xD), or even my parents even though I fight them so much lately... i just need the feeling of someone being around me, knowing i am there. i need a lot of attention i guess.

Straykitty Straykitty
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

Being alone is not so bad. <br />
If you find it difficult to be alone then there might be an issue you need to work on.<br />
Since I made peace with myself and gave my life to the Lord, I really enjoy having time on my own in a quiet room or empty house.<br />
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Changing you persective could help you cope with being on your own. Instead of having everyone else's music blaring or TV program running in the background, find your own tastes and have that playing instead just like rikki above does.... Try your hand at crafting something like making your own greeting cards for the people who you would love to be with.<br />
Take time to give yourself a facial or have a hot bubble bath and read a great book.<br />
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If you do that, you will find yourself looking forward to being on your own just to get things done your own way. I know that might sound a little selfish but doing it that way helped me get through "post divorce" depression.<br />
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I hope this brings a little light into a lonely place.

I don't like being alone, either. It would be really sweet if when I came home at night, my boyfriend would be there with a glass of wine and a solitary rose...just for me. Instead, I close the door, check all of the rooms, kick off my shoes, pour myself a glass of red wine, shed my dress, plop on the sofa, turn on the stereo, check my mail [not the male I want to check], and drink my wine. I most always fall asleep on the sofa only to awaken at 01:00 to have to change into my nightie. <br />
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This is a real rut.