I Hate Being Alone.

I hate being alone. When im alone I feel so empty for some reason and when im alone I tend to think about things long and hard, which is not always a good thing. When I'm alone I think about the past and how it went and how I basiclly f**ked it up. Then i get all depressed for the rest of the day and have to go play a sport or something to get it off my mind. Plus, I hate being alone because I always think something is going to happen... and plus, I'm always talking, and when I can't I feel right akward, so when im alone I tend to have converstations with myself. Kind of weird, but it helps me from thinking about things that happened in the past and getting all depressed on how I could have made things right and could of made the right choose.
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18-21, F
1 Response Oct 4, 2007

Hi I dont know of your circumstances but i feel you may be too harsh on your self.Things some time happen that is beyond our understanding.I feel you are very brave to confront your let downs and battle on,we all make mistakes in life we are not perfect.There is one thing positive you can get out of this though and that is to learn from what went wrong and try move on.I wish you all the best and hope you find it in your self to let go and forgive your self for being human.