Why Hate It.

Imagine having what you consider close friends then being able to pick out everytime they lie to you. Do you say something or let them go? If yo say something the chances are you will grow up lonely, if you say nothing then the chances are they will keep doing it and you will get depressed.

Imagine going to a party and sitting down just to stand back up again and try the whole night to avoid that one person becuase the vibe you get from them is a dangerous one so you spend the whole night on edge.

Imagine going to the mall and having to go home because you cant keep up with everyone's emotions all at once.

So many people say its a gift, I wouldnt wish this gift on my worst enemy.

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I tend to get ignored and never asked my opinon unless I shout to get attention or usually I am ignored and have to pretend to be positive.

I hate being an empath too. I can sense when there is negativity in the air and it makes me feel weird and I do not know what to say. <br />
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The only good thing that came out of it was Mom would use to cram too much into one day and we would always come home from shopping tired but after enough illlnesses Mom has learned not to do too much in one day and only stick to 1 or 2 stores at the most and it relives a lot of tension.<br />
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Whenever I feel the tension people would either deny there's tension or they will learn the hard way making me act out in frustration a lot and making me tense inside.<br />
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I can feel the tension of things changing inside the earth right now and I am tired all the time as a result and wish to do nothing but sleep.

I can understand that. I have learned over the years to separate my emotions from those of others. The ability to pick up on others' emotions is a gift, usually a learned gift but sometimes an oddity of nature. <br />
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It's a difficult thing to explain to others, so I learned as a teen never to discuss that with others. My parents sent me to a therapist who said it's more common that most think; he told my parents to accept my claim, which they eventually did with enough experience around me. The first big breakthrough with them was the time I told my dad not to trust his financial advisor, that he was con man. I added some (later proven correct) details that few could have known about the man. Within two months after telling my parents that, the man was arrested for fraud, shortly before my parents would have invested most of their savings with him.<br />
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That ability is a great advantage over those who don't have it. <br />
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The trick is not to let their psyche affect yours. They can only affect you if you allow them to do so.Good luck on your journey through life.

I think a lot about how my life would be if I were "normal" but the more time I spend thinking like that the more of my life that speeds past me without slowing.<br />
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"The wheel is turning and you can't slow down,<br />
You can't let go and you can't hold on,<br />
You can't go back and you can't stand still,<br />
If the thunder don't get you then the lightning will."

Ah imagine growing up in the ghetto or living in the ghetto.... imagine being an empath and living in a violent , dangerous and negative neighborhood. That will really have you on the edge lol. Got to look at the positives :-). I feel overwhelmed all the time yet <br />
I'm thankful because there are so many negative things in life that I prevented getting into because i knew what was going to happen or prevented being around a certain person because I knew what their hidden agenda was. + Real friends are honest to one another. Not brutally honest but they "Keep it real" always honest. Little white lies can past though lol. I think you have to be stronger because I know a lot of things that bothered me before don't bother me as much. I still become overwhelmed sometimes, especially when I feel so many negative vibes at once.

i also take it as a gift at times it helps me know the truth!snd if i can i can help some people!

i feel the same way! im on xanx b/c of it!