It Scares Me

I don't anger easily or often, but once someone rouses my anger, which usually happens in situations involving ignorance, prejudice, or misunderstanding...I have no mercy. When I'm angry I never scream at people...I never yell....only speak if I have to, keeping it bottled, gritting my teeth against my angry tears until they are gone...because I don't want to scream or yell at's not pleasant at all...but being who I am, I just end up bottling it all up and letting it die, smothered in some deep dark crevice where hopefully it won't be back for a long time....It scares me when I'm angry because when I think of what I could do...the strange void in my conscience, I don't doubt that if I lost control of my anger I would be no better than a beast, a mindless killer with no qualms or guilt.
I just hate being mad. I wish I didn't have to live with people who seem to have such talent at making me angry.
GoldLikeAutumn GoldLikeAutumn
May 19, 2012