My Roommate Is A Happiness Vampire

My roommate is making me feel depressed. She is so negative about everything. She complains everyday all day and singles me out to confide in. I bought her breakfast the other day to cheer her up and now she wants to grab breakfast with me all the time and tell me about how miserable she is and update me on her status constantly. She makes noise late at night on purpose to wake me up and talk to me. She is so noisy and follows me around the house checking up on me. She asked me how I am all day long waiting for the opportunity of hearing me ask her how she is. She could suck all of the colors from a rainbow. I try to cheer her up but she needs an entire hospital of care based on her negativity. All she does is take pills and complain about imaginary ills and how she has to take pills and who bothers her. She tells me people make her physically ill an I believe her. I must protect myself from her and create a safe space for myself. She has become an full time occupation. She is a challenge in patience and futility.


Now I feel better.
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Dec 2, 2012