I Hate Being Around People

what's up everyone, i hate being around people, every single time i go out to walk the dog, food shopping, travel to work, most people stare at me, give me evil looks, smirk at me, i don't like it, it makes me angry, i've got into tons of arguments with people in the street because i've asked them to stop staring at me, i don't go out that much anymore, i hate going out, i don't have any friends, i don't mind that, i'm a loner, i've always been a loner, i like my own company, i had a boyfriend last year i met him when i was walking my dog, the man was standing in a line outside a shop, he started talking to me, we got on great at first then as the months went by he became verbally abusive, i dumped him, i've never gotten on with people only a few, i work at a farm which i love, animals are much nicer than people, i know there are some nice people in the world, my co-workers are nice people, some visitors at the farm are idiots, some of them have bad energy and i don't like the way some of them look at me, when i was food shopping the other day this woman was staring at me a little too long, i hated it, even if people look at me friendly i don't like it, i don't like attention, when i pass people in the street some of them look at me with pity which makes me angry, and some people look at me as if there is something wrong with me when there isnt, my cousin told me that i don't look like a confident person thats why people stare at me, the strangers that stare at me in the street make me feel like rubbish, it feels like i shouldent be there, i try to avoid people the best i can when i go out, i don't go to busy places anymore, and  when i take my dog to the park i walk down quiet streets, is there anyone who is going through the same thing?
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I have VERY few friends, and most of them don't live near me so I never see them. I hate going out and LOVE being alone. I also absolutely love animals and very much miss being in the country (where I grew up) and on a farm. I think it all has to do with how I grew up. I had 2 older brothers who bullied me non-stop, which was really damaging to an already-sensitive artistic kid. I learned how to be very self-sufficient and not need anyone, and to avoid them as much as possible because of how terribly they bullied me. Now as an adult, I blossomed and all their friends wanted to date me and I HATED the attention. Everywhere I go, I feel like people stare, and people come up and make comments on how beautiful I am, which I take sweetly, but I'd rather no one ever talked to me. I avoid looking at people or attracting attention as much as possible. If only I could move far away into the bush and live and work alone with animals and nature, and play music and never have to see anyone...well that's my idea of heaven.

I hate when people stare at me too!...except if a HOT SEXY GUY is looking at me, that I LOVE<br />
I HATE when ugly boys look at me and when girls at the street stare at me, either they are jealous biatches or lesbians.... I don't mind lesbians looking at me but they have to be CUTE, because I don't like ugly girls to stare at me and I HATE when extremely hot girls look at me because I would never have the vagina to talk to them, I get intimidated, hehe

Do You Hate Ugly People?Maybe People Can't Help Staring Because They Find You Attractive-People Are Only Human.How Long Can Someone Look At You Before You Consider It Staring.Now If Someone Gives You A Mean Or Nasty Look I Understand.Myself I'm Not That Attractive,I Like To Be Friendly To Everyone I Encounter ,Some People Especially Some Women Think If You Say Hi Your Flirting With Them.

I actually feel a lot like you. Some people just give my bad vibes, no matter their age, how they dress, whatever. And most of my friends are my coworkers. I hate hanging out with people I dont know and I often seclude myself when my bf or roomate has friends over for a get together. Just getting certain looks or looking at certain people make me angry. I dont even hang out with my own childhood friends anymore. The anger on top of other life stresses just builds and builds. However, I also found a release with animals. I have a LOT of pets. ^_^