Living a Lie

i hate living a life in secret... it stared when i was 15... i was a really active girl i ran cross country did track and i used to LOVE running... but now that im belimic i actually have trouble running i feel as i cant breath..

but one day i ate to much and i felt really fat so i decited just to throw up once and ill be fine.... but wow was i ever wrong i gradually stated to eat a lil more and say oh its ok ill just go throw up after im done eating. and every thing will be fine... but then i stated to binge like 5 times a week then i stated to to it like once a day then 2twce a day then for a while it got outta hand.. binging like 4 or 5 times a day.. and now its been 2 yrs and i have to say after 2 yrs iv been trying not to binge any more and iv gottin so much better at not binging i do it like 2 times a day now.. but i still cant break the habbit and i hate it so much!!! im tired of it i thought ok maybe this will be an easy way to keep weight off but its not iv actually gained weight.. and when i dont binge for like 2 days i feel so alive but then i just get the urge to eat.. and eat cus either im board or depressed..


no one know my secret and i feel so traped in my body!!!

ahhh i need help!!!

danicnleo13 danicnleo13
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

hunni i know how your feeling im going throught the same thing right now .. im acctly living a lie just like you are and im kinda going throught the middle of what you went throught and i just carnt stop :/ /// good luck hun xx i dont know you but its okayyy x