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Where do i start :/ Recently there was incident that happened that involved me and two my friends, well, so-called friends :/ The 3 of us were camping out and 1 of my mates got too drunk, at first, she wasn't that bad and me and my other friend thought she was faking it, my other friend is known to have a temper and got really angry and started acting violent, and throwing my drunk friend all over the place, actually kicking and hitting her, after a while my drunken friend started acting weird so we tried to sober her up, i was scared at this point and I'm sure my other friend was as well, but she would now and then leave me on my own with her which i was confused at :/, In the end we had to call for an ambulance and my drunk friend was taken to hospital, and us 2 went back inside the house. about and hour later my drunk friends dad came to the house to collect some belongings and he started asking us questions, i didn't want to make things worse and i talked to him in a polite and calm way, my friend was arguing with him and shouting, i was trying to calm her down but it wouldn't work. He asked us where the alcohol came from and i did admit to bring a small amount, but i didn't supply it all my friend had some as well but i couldn't say anything about this and my mate didn't either because her dad was standing next to her and he didn't know she had took alcohol from the house. After 10Min's ish he went and we went to bed, abit after i got a sarcastic voice mail from my drunk friends mum, i got two from her and i still have these on my phone, i found them very uncalled for and didn't take to it lightly. I also got 2 texts from her and 1 from the dad, calling me a bully and saying i am 'bad' and that my friend knows now not to hang around with me. i went home in the morning, and on my way back i sent a very long detailed message to my drunk friends mum explaining everything that happened, and even saying that i hope my friend is okay and that i never wanted anything like this to happen, which i thought was a descent thing to do, i could of just left it and not spoke to them. I got home and told my parents about what had happened and obviously they were not happy, because of all the way i was being treated, my dad rang my friends mum and my mum text her also, my mum even said she hopes my friend is OK, and my parents in the end were very reasonable about the situation which is more than i can say for her parents. My drunk friend said sorry to me and said she wasn't friends with my other friend for what she had done to her, which i agreed with, i didn't think they should be friends either, i was still angry with her parents though, but i tried to ignore it and hope that they would be alright with me now, as i have done nothing wrong and my drunk friend has said that as well to them, but i had heard that her mum called me gobby and other remarks, which i really think is pathetic, she doesn't even know me at all, and shes not exactly Mrs perfect either. It got even worse when my drunk friend made up with my other friend and said she can forget about it now, i was livid with this, she had BEATEN her up and treated her like **** and she just makes up with her like that, AND here we go, her MOTHER, was perfectly HAPPY about this as well, and she now LIKES her!??, Now is cant be just me cos EXCUSE ME, i think it is INCREDIBLY UNFAIR that her mother just decided to forget and like her when she beat her daughter up, and yet she DOESN'T like me??? I did NOTHING wrong, and i have never even fallen out with my drunk friend, i was there on that night helping her and i was scared **** less so how ******* dare she think of me like that and not like me, i wasn't the one who beat her daughter up and couldn't give a **** about it, i actually cared. I gave the details to the paramedics of where to contact the mother, and my drunk friends details as well, i did all this and i dint get anything for it, and my other friend is treated like a ******* angel, i still am awaiting an apology from my friends parents, it is totally unacceptable that they think i am a bad person, they dont know me at all, they have heard many stories before that my other friend is mean to there daughter so they know how she is, i am not an aggressive person at all, and I'm not gobby i am actually really shy. Now, i could not care less for that family, the parents are absolutely pathetic people, and if i saw them i would actually ask for an apology and i know if i was with my parents it wouldn't be a nice bumping into each other, and I'm glad. I can say i honestly HATE them, and i know that's a strong word, and Ive said cmon you cant hate someone but i actually do. I didn't deserve any of this hassle at all, i was as good as a friend can be in that situation, and tbh i dont really want to be friends with the drunk one now, she now seems to think that her parents did nothing wrong at ALL, are they all actually thick? So ******* unbelievably stupid? I guess now i have to just get on with it, but i am never going to be all reasonable with them, i have tried to be but now they've crossed the line and i couldn't give a **** anymore. I will hold that grudge against them for the rest of my life, and i cannot WAIT to get away from them forever. Them two friends, i have realized i dont really like :/ My other friend blamed alot of stuff on me, and they still wont admit to this. I'm glad i have one friend that understands what I'm saying and has took my side if you know what i mean. At the end of the day i did nothing wrong and i know in myself that i did nothing wrong, and i am happy with the way i handled the situation. Lets just hope one day karma will come and fck them all up.


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Luceee Luceee 16-17 1 Response Sep 5, 2009

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