Little Chance of That, But...

Now that I have the task of writing many EP stories for me and Philip to enjoy on Skype days, it's pretty hard for me to bored. Because, I am mostly busy! Trying to do my best in writing, replying to everyone on EP, and staying in touch with people's stories and commenting. Not to mention, juggling work with that too, most days of the week. =p

But sometimes, when I finish the stories faster (because they were subjects that basically write themselves)... I get a brief period of boredom. I do hate it, even though it only last for 30 mins at the most, until I find something shiny to go rushing off with. ;-)

I am use to being set on "Busy" mode all the time. If I am not multi-tasking or doing SOMETHING, just anything, then I get really bored. I sigh, pout, and then follow around my family... annoying them with huge sighs and me whining, "I'M BORED!!!!" XD

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Mar 21, 2009