When I Get Bored, My Mind Starts To Wonder

Then I start thinking about very pretty girls. I need to stop letting my mind do that stuff. I can't get with in real life anyway. I focus on the girls with lots of weight issues. But sometimes, when I get bored, my mind starts to fantasize. Like I would think about a very pretty girl, with a very pretty face. The thing is, she don't even exist. So I create an image of her, in my mind. Then I start riding the exercise bike, and then my mind start thinking about the girl with a very pretty face. I just want that to stop. Just let it stop, so I can move on, and lose this weight. That is one of my worst habits, I have done over the years, that caused me to play with myself. People said it is okay to play with yourself. Yeah, for them, they got a first kiss, and they got laid. So they can do it for the rest of their lives, for all they care. That is why playing with yourself is alright. I have never hugged and kissed a girl, and I am going to be 25. Then some people say it is okay. WHAT????? I have never touched a girl. TOUCHED!!!!!!!!!, and people are saying that it is okay. What planet are they from???????? Never massaged her skin, I want to understand a woman's body, like every other male do. It is not cool, not to know what a woman feels like, because my body is sloppy, fat and nasty. I shouldn't keep letting my boredom mind get to me. I want to just focus on girls with weight issues, until I get my weight down.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 26, 2010