I Went From Bankrupt To Bank Roll!

Like a lot of people, I fell into the credit card trap which led to me filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy because I had a lot more money going out than I had coming in. I've always had jobs that paid me very well, but sometimes it wasn't enough. I decided to do something about and found away for me to collect an extra paycheck every single week, which has moved me from being Bankrupt to being a Bank Roll. LOL!
winwithmarcusj winwithmarcusj
41-45, M
1 Response May 24, 2012

so how did you do it Marcus ?

We kept track of every single dollar spent to determine if the things we spent our money on was a "need" or a "want". We focused on spending money on only or "needs." I also looked for ways to make additional money without getting a second job and was fortunate to come across an opportunity that has increased my income immensely. :)