I'm Not Just Broke. I'm College Kid Broke.

& I'm not just college kid broke. I'm a starving artist as well. Being both in college and an art major ... my money (after rent & bills, books, art supplies to last at least the first month or so and then food) is gone in just a couple of months. Plus, I am in a sorority so there's about 400 bucks off the back. I might start each semester with a good bit of money but it is gone in now time.

Money is stressful! and when you don't have any it's not just stressful, it's depressing. I have a terrible diet because of my budget, my art work suffers therefore my school works suffers, therefore ... my grades aren't really where I'd like them to be. Bills are often paid a bit late and the $50 dollars for gas I get ...every two weeks isn't enough to fill up my tank.

My friends go out every weekend and I know they don't have jobs, so it just baffles me where all this money is coming from! Am I missing out on some kinda secret?!

You'd think I'd get a little more help from my parents [who have 9-5 govt. jobs] since the only income I have is from work study getting paid $7.25 an hour for 3 or less hours a week. That pays the gas bill ...and I'm still eating Ramen or Mac and Cheese every night.

I hate being broke.
livenrye livenrye
22-25, F
May 25, 2012