Timbaland Says It Grammatically Incorrect, But Otherwise Right On

Well, I ain't got no money.  Husband's car died last week.  I ain't got no Visa, sometimes it don't matter if you are the perfect soulmates.

Sorry, i am loony.  i had to go with the song for a  minute.  I have to take my boys on a mini-vacation to my family's house in Plymouth.

they think that means they have to take the days off to be there with us.  I can't handle my mother for periods lasting longer than 45 minutes at a time.

Seriously, a major part of my sobriety has to do with staying away from her.  I know, I have to suck it up for my kids. 

I just had to vent.  thanks for being there.

lefteyeomine lefteyeomine
36-40, F
Aug 4, 2008