All I Want Is Respect

ok. i'm not 18. that doesn't matter. compared to most adults i am more mature. i have common sense and know what respect means. no adults should be tellin me what to do or what choices to make. i know what i'm doing. i had to grow up already, something i'm convinced most of the world never has to do. you don't see me pushing my problems onto others. you don't see me tellin you what to do. i'm a person, not a dumb little child. i will not do what i'm told unless i tell myself to do it. i deserve respect. if any grown-ups out there want my respect they better damn well earn it. i'm not a kid and i'm tired of being treated like one.

to my wonderful dad- this is part of why i got mom to divorce you. you were hurting all of us

to my loving grandparents- my body, my tattoo, my choice

to my teachers- you are not above me if you think you are

to anyone who disagrees- **** you. you aren't worth the argument

to those who understand- thank you

this is not meant to offend anyone and if it does that just proves my point that you aren't grown up either. i'm not a kid. i'm a person. treat me like it or ignore me completely. but do not look down on me, and do not talk down to me. i don't look up to you or think of you as better because at the very most we are equals and that's it.
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Also, I would like to ask you: How do you view people in their 20s? I ask because to me, they are still kids themselves, still young people with even more growing up to do and wisdom to gain. But to you, they are probably adults that you feel put-down by and want respect from. It's all relative.<br />
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If it makes you feel any better, I get a bit of disrespect from people in their 60s and 70s (and older) quite often, like when they feel they have the automatic right of way in grocery stores and whatnot. Niggling little instances of clear disrespect. Sometimes, I admit, I want to get in their faces and saw, "do you know how old I am, old-timer?!" But I wouldn't look very adult-like if I did that and it wouldn't matter to them anyway. They wouldn't be impressed that I'm 42 -- to them, I'm still just a Generation X brat and always will be. Again, it's all relative. You could have someone aged 90 talking down to you when you're 70! You're going to be putting up with generations before you looking down on you, no matter how old you are. It's up to you to prove to them that you're just as worthy but you have to show humility while doing so.<br />
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I agree that it's silly to claim superiority just because I remember decades that you weren't even born in yet, but just please remember: Someone 20 years older than you has more wisdom and experience in life than you do and it's worth listening to them; and someone 20 years older than me has more wisdom and life experience than me and it's my duty to listen to and respect them. And I do.

it depends. most of the 20's act pretty childish. college reminds them that sooner or later they have no choice but to grow up. they act like kids because they realize they can't be forever. its a last goodbye to what they see slipping through their fingers. from what i see most people over that end up treatin everyone the same because age differences are less noticeable at that point. between 30 &amp; 50 is when everyone starts out at the baseline of respect and earn it from there. over 50 people tend to look down on the rest of us usually with at least some level of jealousy and feeling of being better and deserving better. they may or may not but they think they do. some people in their 20s are in the same position as me and don't like being grouped because of a first impression. no one does. i probably have more to say if you got more questions or just things to point out. you seem like you know what ur doing and i'd be happy to talk more

I'm with Lilihammer. I thought, why bother responding if you're not prepared to listen to anyone's counter-argument? Judging from your photo, you do look quite adult: I would guess, if I didn't know better, that you were about 24. But, the fact is, as a teenager, you are stuck between the childhood that you just grew out of and the adulthood you have yet to reach. All adults are not fully mature themselves and some teens have great common sense and awareness. But teens are also notorious for thinking they know it all -- a trait you have displayed here in lurid detail -- and that often gets them into trouble or leads them towards bad choices, and all because they were too proud to seek out the wisdom and advice of someone older than them. God forbid!<br />
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If you're not going to listen to your teachers, how are you going to learn what you need to know? <br />
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You should also know, if you're as mature as you say you are, that respect is EARNED, not automatic. You don't earn respect by shouting, "F*** you, I'm not a kid, respect me!" Nope. Not gonna happen. You will earn respect by looking adults in the eye and using good vocabulary and tempering your langugage. I'm impressed by any teen that I can have an actual conversation with, who isn't angry at everyone and everything and who is humble enough to realize they have some more growing up to do.<br />
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I was a teen myself and I recall wanting to stick it to the adults too. We've all been there. But believe me when I tell you that you're simply going to look like the pissed-off teenager to be ignored to most adults no matter how loudly you shout. Earn that respect; stop demanding it.

being quiet and saying nothing is worse. besides i'm just acting like adults by shouting F*** everything. i don't demand respect, i just want the same baseline for starting out that everyone else gets instead of automatically being thrown in the "not important' pile yes i do act like a teen. i am one. but when important stuff comes up i need to be heard. i listen but that doesn't mean i'm going to follow suggestions. they are only suggestions spoken from someone elses perspective. and no i do not think i know everything.. i admit there is stuff to be learned, but when i am talking i know what i'm saying i know what i mean and i refuse to be that dumb teen just bein teen. i have grown up past what i consider a reasonable amount of maturity for most 30 and 40 year olds. people tell me i have to earn respect but they can't expect me to respect them just because they want me to. there is a baseline that people hold for anyone new to start out and then progressively lose or gain respect. i just want to be se3en at tht instead of below with the rest of these teens who haven't had to deal with what i have. (this little box for typing wont show everything at once so its kinda not organized but my point remains the same)

You had me, I was nodding my head reading your story thinking "damn strait, you go girl.." then I got to the statement "Anyone who disagrees **** you. you aren't worth the argument" and I'll tell ya... HUGE red flag of immaturity right there. You will never be able to grow emotionally or intellectually if you shut out and instantly dismiss views OUTSIDE your own way of thinking. Don't be threatened by those who disagree with you, take it in, make it yours and prove em' wrong.

alright. bad word choice. i'm just tired of deserving respect and not gettin it cuz i'm young. i try lookin at it from another perspective and still don't see why it's so hard to treat me like a normal person. if they dismiss my views because i'm young i shouldn't be expected to care because they say so

This comment is not one way or the other really. I say, just enjoy it while it lasts, it's not as bad as it seems. The lack of respect more often than not allows your time to be more free to enjoy life. Once you enter into that world where everyone trusts you you gain more obligations, once those are gained than the fun with friends and whatnot gets reduced. <br />
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It happens to me in my work life, I am highly respected and trusted, as a result I became the "go to guy", this is a good thing in one sense. In the other sense however, they want all my time, I have to push them off because I have my personal life I want to live as well. My body may get older but it does not mean my mind never desires to remain young.<br />
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Just enjoy it it, later you'll get all that respect and trust and along with it...the obligations.