Oh my god do I hate being called quiet!      I guess people feel this way because it takes me so long to warm up to people.   I have low self-esteem so I can never just be myself right away because im always afraid they will judge me.  I guess this leads to the impression of me being a quiet person. But I absolutly hate it! Im not quiet, my true self is anything but quiet!!  It frustrates me so much because people think I am something I am not.  

    ... Now that i think of it, maybe I get more frustrated with myself because I hate not being myself at first.

frecklestylepolka frecklestylepolka
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 18, 2007

i get that all the time too. ach. what to do, eh? its a cross roads between blend into the background, or stand out from the background because you are so quiet and people are afraid.