That Word 'quiet' I Hate It.

Hi There,
I don't know about you, but being called Quiet is so irritating.  Maybe I am too sensitive but to me it is a dig at your personality.  It is the way people use it.  Hey I am not saying I need to be called loud either, I just wish people would not use that expression.  It really singles a person out and once it has been highlighted with say a group of people, then they all start treating you like your some 4 year old that needs mothering!  I mean just because you are quiet does not mean you are not confident or can not stand on your own two feet and yet the people who use it don't seem to think so.  I mean you don't say to people oh you are so that would be classed as an insult so why is being called quiet acceptable?

Hey sorry to vent it is just people have used it a lot with me and I don't think I am that quiet.  I mean at what point are you classed as chatty and then quiet?  Hey maybe I am not great at small talk, but I do talk.  Oh anyway...just wanted to get this off my chest and this helped.  So thanks for reading and if anyone has any advice to pass on, on how to handle this...then bring it on.  : )

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Hi frecklestylepolka. At least you are not alone. It is frustrating being pigeon holed when you know inside this is not the real you. I think sometimes a good way to handle it, is to look at it from another angle. When people use this comment they are expresing our characteristics. As most people with a less than chatty nature tend to be kind and caring take it as a compliment as appose to a dig. I know it is hard to do sometimes, but I am sure gonna try. : ) I mean getting angry about it all these years has done me no I am going too try something new.

yeah I definetly know what you mean!! espically when you said about people treating you like a 4 year old and about not great at small talk but I still talk! I have felt like that for years and yet no one can understand what im trying to get across. If you find out any ways to help with this let me know!!