I Just Hate Being Cold!

I'm so glad to find this group. I have lived quite a few years being cold. I'm 49 years old and finally, I have found a way to maintain warmness during those winter months. It's about investing in proper clothing! Growing up in New Jersey and living in Illinois, we have snowy winters. It wasn't until the last two years when I discovered what my dad meant when he said "wear layers". To him, layers were those big thermal underwear for men that have the fly in the pants. They never fit right under my girly jeans. Finally, I found out that LL Bean has silk long underwear! They are warm and I when you wear jeans in the winter, you are warm. It's a fantastic find. They cost about $25.

Socks. layers of cotton socks is a waste of time. Invest in a pair of real wool socks....oh, and keep them in a special place in your dresser so your kids don't try to "borrow" them and never return them. Wool socks can be kind of pricey. I find them for about $14.95.

 The last cold weather item that I totally love is my fingerless gloves. Fingerless gloves allow you to stay active throughout the day without constantly taking on and off a pair of gloves because you need to use your fingers. I get mine from a gal who crochets for about $15 - $20 a pair. When that cell phone rings or if you need to keyboard or text, you are ready! The site is www.goldendivas.org for the fingerless gloves. They aren't easy to find. I'm using mine right now!

My motto is "No One Should Ever Be Cold"! Don't you agree?

Karlene13 Karlene13
46-50, F
Feb 7, 2010