Oh, the irony of this group amuses me! By saying "I hate being copied" the creator of this group was saying what he/she felt. Yet all of us share the same sentiment (or we would've joined "I'm just another number" or something equally absurd) we all hate being copied because we believe we're special- special just like that one person in your life that showed you that it was okay to be different. You need your "specialness" to prove who you are to yourself.
If you were like the majority of your society, you'd be alright with people copying you because you're consciously copying someone else. However, we subconsciously copy another. Perhaps not as obviously as most of society, but we copy those that declare independence. People try to take that independence away from us by copying us. That frustrates us as we need to be "special" and "different"
I return to my irony point: this group proves that agreeing and copying, are indeed, the same thing and we don't practice what we preach.
lizeleth lizeleth
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Well said. Couldn't have said better myself. A very valid point. Dont you get me started on the need to be different >.<