My Ex

My ex was more mature then me or he thought he was, he thought he had to give me things to get my attention at first well we started as friends and things got emotionally serious. As time went on he would say things like oh thats a stupid drawing-im into aztec art- and he would laugh at my clothes sometimes and say that being with me made him feel like a baby sitter. that hurt, he constantly talked about me to others backs and was always saying "shes soo stupid...." about me to all his friends and i mean i aint one to judge but we were both in the same damn continuation school....and i was there for fighting he was there for deciding to break the schools record of detentions and walking into class with his pants pulled down. So i can judge and criticize but i dont and dont even get me started on the bs story he made up to dump me without actually dumping me.
mimiz14 mimiz14
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012