I hate when people refer to me as 'white'. I. hate. it. I don't know why. Honestly, maybe it's jealousy. I won't lie.

I hate when it is winter, my tan is gone, and people say I am pale. I find that so rude. I feel like that is the same as walking up to an African American person and saying, "You're so dark!"...like you just don't do that! but at our end of the spectrum, its okay.

I also hate that all other races can be considered 'exotic' ...but not 'white' people. I have family from different parts of the world other than North America. That can't be considered exotic?

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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Well, others caucasians call us Orientals too... COME ON, lol orientals??? lmao.... But I would call u adorably with a nick name such as "porcelain".