I've always been a sort of weak girl, I mean almost anything could make me cry but since I've cried myself to sleep for the last three years it's harder for me to just lay down and cry. I hate that. Because crying sometimes feels like I'm dripping away te pain, making room for other experiences but now I just see myself in the situation were I'm literally sucking everything up and trying to be strong. I also hate that now, even the stupidest things make me snicker. I hate it because I want people to see that I'm depressed to see if they might help me but every time I just end up smiling. Like yesterday I was really sad because a aunt died but at soccer I was sad but when they asked me what happens instead of crying my eyes out I just simply admitted why I was acting like that and kept playing as usual. No consolation needed.
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A natural supplement called Melatonin promotes relaxation and sleep. You can one 10mg before you go to bed and it will relax you and at least give you a good nights rest.
It can also calm you during the day, but dont take if your driving. I can take one capsule 30min before bedtime and It actually gets me sleepy.
Good luck.