I Dont Think...

I don't think that anyone really enjoys embarrassment, if any of you do, please correct me. But for me it is not a fetish. I dislike it a great deal.

LylaRocks LylaRocks
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

i have no family... means that is like that..if you have family and it is not worth .. i just quite of my grand mother ..she just give me dipression all the time.. i dont like to cm home i just hate m family..infact i have no family i just dont think they are my family members. i just hate all of them...

Yeah! me too i hate it. It's my BIGGEST ENEMY lol :P, cuz it's reallllyy annoying and it happens to me EVERYDAY and EVERY HOUR AND EVERY MINUTE AHH it's like my shadow >.> but well when it happens and finishes i just try my BEST to forget it and think about something important like homework, school whatever you know what i mean...the scene had happened what can you do? be sad? i tried that, be mad? feel stupid? be depressed? i tried all of them and you know what i discovered WHAT a waste of time just move on and stop being so pathetic. And you could also when the embarrassing moment finishes just do your hobby and really you will feel better do something you like the most :) like me just as i woke up the embarrassing thing happened and i didn't care, so i went in the internet :P