Skinny Minny Went to Fat Cat Over Summer

I was skinny and tall my whole life. People literally wanted to be me. Then it all went down the drain.

I was always tired in school, always. I'm not talking tired like 'I don't want to get out of bed' I am talking tired 'I can't get out of bed.' I had zero energy, zip, nada; zero. I struggled with everything I did, I missed morning classes because I could not bring myself to get out of bed. I grew up on a farm and I worked part time at a shop in town, I was exhausted. Stress everyone said. But overall I was still slim.

That  changed, and it seemed to happen over night, literally. My energy plumeted even more, my headaches increased, and none of my pants seemed to fit. In one summer I went from being a size 5 to being somewhere around a size fourteen. I put on 50 pounds in around three maybe four months. I am five ten, I do not hold weight well. No one had answers for me.

Finaly I went to the doctor and it was not my doctor and she checked my thyroid, yes there was the problem. Unfourtunately I am not being treated for my thyroid so I sit here typing this just as fat as I was after that horrible summer of watching blue lines creep up my sides, my legs, on my stomach.

What can I do? It seems like this is a battle that I cannot win, I'm not un active, I don't eat there not anything out there to help me?


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3 Responses Jul 25, 2007

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Also I will be posting some pictures up and life stories from those who have changed there lifes tremendously do to Body By Vi (ViSalus) help.

I also have a thyroid problem. It is really easy to treat. If the problem is the cost of the medication go to the pharmacies that have discount drug lists. The generic of my thyroid hormone replacement costs five dollars a month or ten dollars for three months, if the pharmacy does not have to bill an insurance company, which works out to be around eleven cents a day and is worth it. <br />
Being medicated has improved my life. I have more energy and don't get cold as easily which is important in MN. Unfortunately I have not lost any weight but I think that is confounded with starting to travel for work at the same time I started taking the medication.

wee if there is a thyroid problem why aren't you being treated?