Fat Is Uncomfortable

I hate how the fat just lies in big rolls and it gets in the way.  It is so uncomfortable!!  I have always been fat except for a few brief times when I lost weight for a little while.  I wish I could just accept it but I can't seem to do so.

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I Agree That Being Fat Is Uncomfortable! I had a back injury over 2yrs ago, about 6mo after that I had quit smoking cigarettes (which I smoked for 15yrs). I since have gained a whopping 90lbs. Now... My hips hurt a lot. My calves feel tight & feel kinda painful when I walk/run no matter if I stretch or not. Feeling the back fat on me when I walk bothers the crap outta me. My thighs are huge & finding pants that fit right is hard, they either fit my thighs perfect but loose on my waist or perfect on my waist but tight as heck on my thighs. I've not always been so fat though & I'm actually at the biggest I've ever been in my life (I weighed less than I do now when I was 9mo pregnant). I don't understand how anyone in their right mind could or would ever wanna be fat. I admit, I am currently fat but I don't hate myself, not like myself or anything of the such because I'm fat. I actually love myself, I'm just so very uncomfortable being fat, is all. I wanna lose the weight but it's not easy at all. Regardless though I'm keeping my faith, I believe I will get through this eventually & I will 1 day again be completely healthy & happy because being fat totally sucks!!!!

I hate that uncomfortably full feeling you get when you have just eaten, and all the fat on your gut sticks out even further. Worse still, when Im at work with my trousers digging into my fatty waistline, pushing my stomach up and making me burp. I hate laying on my back in bed, but having to turn on my side because I cant breathe on my back.....my fat blanket weighs a ton! or when you start to get fat under your armpits and it forces you to walk like a bodybuilder...the chins I see when I look at a mirror, the disappearing neckline, the back fat, the wobble between my thighs.... :'"(<br />
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I've ordered my bottle of zephanol and to make doubly sure I lose this fat suit, Im going to start the Dukan diet too! <br />
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Did I say I hate being fat?

I love the feeling of a fat belly. Fat is so soft and tender to touch and much prettier than muscles.

I completely agree. I think the most uncomfortable parts are when you can feel your belly resting in your lap when you sit in a skirt or some pants and when your belly gets rammed into your lungs when you are bending over.

I agree completely. I have gained a lot of weight in the past few years. Before that I had what everyone thought was the perfect body. Now I hate the roles. All the fat is in my gut. It is huge and uncomfortable. I also hate the jiggling. It is embarasssing to bewalking and have people looking at my jiggly gut thighs and butt. The friends who once envied my body laugh at me now. My weakness is sweet. I no I have to lay off the candy bars and the hostesss cakes I down all day long, but I can't.