Why I Don't Like It

It's difficult thinking of where to start, so I may as well just list some things.
1) There are many more possible partners for straight people than there are for gay people.
2) There are quite a lot of people who hate me without even knowing me.
3) I didn't choose this, yet people are ignorant of this.
4) I'm afraid to tell my brother, and I get it thrown in my face every time he asks me whether or not I think the girl that we're driving by is hot.
5) I get really upset every time I think about the time when I was 14 and I was in Glasgow Centre kissing a boy, and a bunch of guys started shouting at us really really hatefully.
6) For the past 5 years (since I was 13) i have had a massive massive crush on my best friend now - and he's straight. My only consolation is that every now and again, I get a kiss from him.....probably out of pity or sympathy.....and even though I feel so happy that he does it....it still ends up hurting.

I could write so much more, but it would be too long a post, so I'm done for now.
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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

I do think its harder for gay men than for women. I could kiss a girl in the street and guys would stand and stare and then have a **** over it later. Youre going to be ok though. This best friend, even though hes straight he sounds like hes an understanding person. So you could probably tell him how you feel (if you havent already) and hed be ok, I'm sure of it. I fancied my straight friend and she was fine :)

boy... this is so familiar... :(

it's going to be okay. u r not only ur sexuality. there r so many other aspects of you as a person. this is just a tiny one you will come to deal with in time.