No More Real Then You.

You, Yes, You, the reader behind the Screen. Reflect, for a moment, On your past doings. Where they In the best Intrest of Others?Where they The best Choice amoung the Lot?Where they, how you say, 'Right'? Where they Good, and Honest? If so, They may only be to you. others may be Indiffrent To your choice. And for some, A Single choice can be the undoing of others. Like a Reckless Young Women. She could be Foolish and Get pregneat at an early age, or wait until she is ready to have a baby. Some women, Are just young girls when they have their Lives stolen away. Like So meany.But it is not just Women. But men, as well. They claim theirselves Invinciable. Incapable of Failure.But, that is never the case. They claim that they are all-Powerfull. But when put in a Situation under stress, they crack like hot glass dropped in snow.My Husband is a Perfect sample of this.He takes pills to perfect a 'Look' of Fitness. "Markus" i tell him. "Why not come jog with me? The old fashion way!" He uses those pills as a Excuse to sit on his rear all day LISTNING to radio Ads. Then when he gets intop a fight, ge is always beaten.
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Good job, made me think a lot

If one and oneis two, and A equates to A, then this world is that of a perfect balance. But in this worls, one and one is six, and A equates to B. the world spins tilted, off balanced, thencefor our lives are thrown in a path of darkness and Evil. Ever bleeding, cut by the Blackend rose of hat we call shame.