I remember when I was in my last year of elementary school, this new kid named Jeremiah was new to our class. as soon as i lay my eyes on him, i thought he were going to have a good relationship as the year's went by. I was about 93% correct on that. He and I stayed friends for a while, until my second year of middle school. My other friend, Kimberlyn, warned me about him. I just said "Please he's so cute!" she just frowned at me and warned me again. A few weeks later, Jeremiah gave me a hug. I blushed and smiled. Kimberlyn was right behind me and warned me again. I said "Girl, he's not cheating on me or anything." The whole year passed and the second middle school year was almost over. Field day came, and we had the rest of the week of school for free time. As i was getting lunch on one of those last days of school, he comes up to me, says Hi and gives me a note. I open the note and it said "ITS OVER SUCKER!" I didn't get it at first, but after I read it a couple more times, I swear to God i felt my heart explode with anger. Luckily, Kimberlyn was right behind me (she always is at lunch time) and she saw the note, and gasped. I swear i was angry enough to grow a red glow in my eyes. She looked at me and asked if i was ok, i shouted "WHERE IS HE?!!" She turned around and saw him with a goth girl a tad older than me eating with him. Without thanking her or anything, I stomped over there and asked "WHAT IS THIS?!" very angerly. He said "Well, its an obvious sign that your my ex girlfriend now." I just stood there in shock.... everyone at the lunch table stared at both me and him. I was like "Kim was right.. wasn't she?" A couple days later, his friend Timothy found me one day, and he said "Guess what" I said "What, he's cheating again?" tim looked at me "Actually, yes." then he told me about what happened while i was at lunch. Basically, the goth girl was with him and he was writing a note. She asked him what he was doing and he said "writing a love note" and she said "to me?" he didnt answer and Tim was there. One of Tims friends showed him and Jeremiah asked Tim to give the note to HER. Tim held the note and the girl said "if its for me, hand it over!" she raised her arm like she was going to punch him. Tim looked at the goth girl who was asking "whose that? whose the note for??" over and over. Tim thought and gave the note to his friend. "Its from Jeremiah" Tim said. Jeremiah went "oh God...." and the goth girl said "You didnt just do that." Tims friend read the note "I like you" it said. Tims friend read the note out loud. The goth girl looked at Jeremiah with anger, and Tim told me he watched the goth girl beat the **** out of him, like actually did. Really. He had to go home right after that. Tim then told me that he might be moving away soon. I said to Tim "you still friends with him?" and he said "Nah, you said before he cheated on you, so... I think im done with the wrong things he's done." Tim and I became friends, but he moved on my very first year of High School. He turned around, saw me, and said "What's up?" He was still nice as ever. I hadn't seen him since he moved though. Almost the third year of middle school, Jeremiah moved and i was HAPPYYY :D that same afternoon when i was waiting for the bus to come, Tim came to me again and told me "guess what he did now?" i said "What?" he said "I'm not supposed to tell anyone this but i trust you." he told me that Jeremiah had brought a knife to school and almost harmed an innocent student in the hallway thankfully a staff was walking by when he saw the knife come out of his pocket and she sent him straight to the office. Tim moved freshmen year, Jeremiah moved the last year of middle school, i hadnt seen any of them since. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this. I'm now a senior in High School and still remember all the other heart broken moments I had at younger ages. Thanks :)
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that is so sad i know how feel

Yah, it happens all around the world everyday. And almost all the time i wish i was there to help people with teenage problems about everything....