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Can't Stand It

If I have given my all and support to a friend....I expect to have some kind of contact from them. I hate when they tend to forget who helped them through that tough time and just ignore me. It happened recently by someone I thought was a great friend of mine. I supported her and helped her through so much and then.....wheres pic??? No where...shes not important anymore....Im getting what I want and I dont need her....Thats the thinking that I feel that this friend had. I ended the friendship because I was tired of trying and being constantly ignored. It hurt my heart in so many ways. I dont forget who my friends matter what Im involved in.
picgirl picgirl 31-35, F 14 Responses Dec 22, 2007

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I experienced that too. I had given almost everything for her, but when I needed her help, she has nothing to give me.. I learned from bitter experience that if you really want to help, we should not expect anything in return. If you expect, better not to help at all because it will you hurt even more. Some people were abusers. We'll never know.

XOXOXO not as much as you!

Youre right Beate hun!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Goldie....youre such a sweetie!

no thank you! :D

Thanks goldie sweetie!!!!

I'm sorry you had to do that, but you're strong and wonderful just remember that :)

You ROCK banner hun!

You ROCK banner hun!

Of course Banner.....and you just gained a friend too....ME!!!!

You know what dont need that at all!!! Trust me. Youre a great person!

Thanks Missa and RHR!!! I love both you guys!!! RHR you are my best friend hun!!! Im by your side always!

I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! lol You are a wonderful friend and it is there loss , they are going to miss you! Your the best.

Thats BS to be ignored after youve given your all. I hate the repercussions of being ignored. I get so angry and I have so much hurt and hate inside. But, yet I still care for that person so much!