Can't Stand It

If I have given my all and support to a friend....I expect to have some kind of contact from them. I hate when they tend to forget who helped them through that tough time and just ignore me. It happened recently by someone I thought was a great friend of mine. I supported her and helped her through so much and then.....wheres pic??? No where...shes not important anymore....Im getting what I want and I dont need her....Thats the thinking that I feel that this friend had. I ended the friendship because I was tired of trying and being constantly ignored. It hurt my heart in so many ways. I dont forget who my friends matter what Im involved in.
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13 Responses Dec 22, 2007

XOXOXO not as much as you!

Youre right Beate hun!

XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO Goldie....youre such a sweetie!

no thank you! :D

Thanks goldie sweetie!!!!

I'm sorry you had to do that, but you're strong and wonderful just remember that :)

You ROCK banner hun!

You ROCK banner hun!

Of course Banner.....and you just gained a friend too....ME!!!!

You know what dont need that at all!!! Trust me. Youre a great person!

Thanks Missa and RHR!!! I love both you guys!!! RHR you are my best friend hun!!! Im by your side always!

I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU! lol You are a wonderful friend and it is there loss , they are going to miss you! Your the best.

Thats BS to be ignored after youve given your all. I hate the repercussions of being ignored. I get so angry and I have so much hurt and hate inside. But, yet I still care for that person so much!