Lie to Get Attention

I hate being ignored just as much as you do. But I lie to get attention. I used to be ignored by my ex boyfriend so then I started to lie to him about stuff. It works trust me. Lie to get attention if you dont like being ignored???


I wouldn't say to do that okay? Lying can get you in trouble... and for me it ruined my relationship. So NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER lie to stop being ignored. It aint worth it.

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2 Responses Feb 28, 2008

Lie to get attention itsn't the right thing to do. I didn't meant to ignored him when I see things seem to be all rights and I just not pay much attention on him coz I know he is in a good condition so I assumed that he doesn't need me that much. I will pay more attention on him when I notice that he is in a bad situation or struggle in his life. I 'll come to supports, motivate and encourage him. Now it's over. Sometimes he created stories to make me feel pity or concerned about him. I did then I found out he just pretended . I felt upset and asking myself why he has to do all these things just to get my attention. He no need to do all these things to get my attention. Just frankly tell me right away. I wil give my full attention to him coz I'm caring type of person but also independent emaotionally. I know when I need to give him attention and pull back when I find out that he doesn't need it. If he expected me all the times to pay attention to him it won't be fair i need a space so I gave him too. Actually that is happening right now. I'm thinking to leave him. I'm tired knowing that every time he lied just to get my attention like I'm stupid person. All the while I pretend to be fool and followed his games. I always being honest to him and I'm not good actress to pretend to be stupid while my heart protest against his behavior. So, ladies & gent being honest to the person you love. When he /she find out you are lying to him/her just to get attention. You have to think twice before you do it. It's always consequences behind it and not everyone can accept that way. You may win over him/her either you will be the loser who will suffered with your own guilt. Then you will know how lucky you are but seem you never grateful for what you have. Then you 'll realized you actually throw away your luck which others always wanted to have.

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