Being ignored induces a head bursting into flame and popping off moment for me. It's just RUDE!  Also, it forces me to regress into adolescent mode and intentionally try to annoy the person ignoring me, which I can be quite good at, giving them no choice but to at least notice I'm there.
That is all :D
GodsLilJester GodsLilJester
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1 Response Aug 9, 2011

I know - it's not good at all ! I wrote a piece four years ago about "I Hate Being Ignored", logged back in today (I have been reading stories for years on here but have not been not logged into my account when doing so). So yes, I logged back in today and not one person on this whole site has responded!!! Gotta say it stung a bit. But I guess my post wasn't that exciting ...However sometimes I think if that sort of thing happens, we need to come to a better place within ourselves. We then send out happier vibes and attract people/attention - if that's what we're after of course...As I type this, my cat is very annoyed at being ignored (lol ;-) and is miaowing his head off and gently biting at my leggings (v subtle :-) to get me off the computer so I'd better log off. Take care ;-)