It's A Pet Peeve

I hate getting the silent treatment irl. Taking a time out, or sleeping on something is one thing.. but I find longer term deliberate avoidance to be childish, and more likely to wind me up than the original cause of the argument.

It's always much more of a factor online. It's funny how suddenly a family crisis, the doorbell, or even a powercut can occur, if certain topics come up in conversation. Days or weeks can go by, and often with no other way to contact them and try to bridge the difference, you're forced to wait on them.
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I'd always prefer to have it out & get some kind of closure. But, it is up to you to decide :)

There is a woman I avoid, not to be fake but I will be honest and really don't want to hurt her. Does if you cant say anything nice make it any better?

I agree.