All My Life,

I was ignored as a child by my parents.  I learned that no one cared about how I felt or what I had to say.  I took this to school and was invisible, had no real friends and was silent and in the background.  I was taught to be abused and everyone ignored all the signs I was sending out.  My relationship I was ignored in.  I hated trying to talk about my feelings b/c it really didn't matter, it never did matter how I felt.  My feeling were useless to have, so I learned to feel nothing.  I finally left my abusive life behind and now I feel like for the first time in my life I'm not being ignored.  I have great friends that care about what I have to say. 
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you speak my words!!
still i'm struggling to gain the power..but i feel week alot of times

find your voice and don't be afraid.

My friend, I am glad you are discovering this about yourself - that you are a beautiful person, full of wonder. We certainly do care about what you have to say, and you speak your mind so well, too. Keep up the good work; one day those years of abuse will just be a distant memory.

This was a break through for me, knowing where it all came from and that I had the power to change how I thought once I realized where it was coming from.