My Week At Kinver Scout Camp

ok i told you about my college how they totally screwed me over well my princes trust team leader pasted my number onto kinver scout camp and they sympathized wit me and said i can do a week residential at they base i was so happy i didnt know who ,what or where i would be so i was chucked in the deep end on this one its was a great week i did archery, rock climbing, abseiling, rifle shooting, crate stacking, night walking ( for 4 hours it killed ) , we had a BBQ , water fights , slept in a tent (that hurt i was cold ,wet and tired had to wake up at 7am every morning we had be in the cabin ready for activities at 9.30am and there was only 2 showers and 2 toilets and there was 12 of us yeah it was rammed ) ive got tones of bruise and cuts all over my body my muscles ache so bad we did orienteering ,building a fire with a flint(not as easy as it sounds took ages and it was getting dark ) we had marshmallows around the camp fire at night, built a shelter that could fit fours of us in only using the stuff around us branches and leaves we did alot of things it was great i didnt connect with anyone there except one boy but everyone was really nice and worked well in a team the team leader john said that what the college did was appalling and said that i only have 3 days work to do on my portfolio work at college and they was gonna fail me i know its bad but im going to finish my work with john this week to pass and he said i can go back to kinver and do my scout leadership course so im so happy right now that someone actually goes out of their way and care to help me i couldn't be more grateful to them head of my college that dropped me off late last night said that she was appalled of the way they treated me and shes going to help me back on my feet so i think after the ofsted report the college got earlier this year off the head of education which was in the paper saying the college as been classed as inadequate to teach students they scored a grade 3 on ofsed and 4 is the lowest so i think now my course tutor is getting the sack and some others on the course to being at scout camp all week as made me conquers my fears of heights and i have greater self confidence now not great but getting better from before ive learned so much about myself and other this week i was the only person who lives with my parent at home they all loved in hostels i feel grateful for given the chance the have this experience its opened my eyes to new possibilities in life im looking forward to a new beginning in my lifes chapter :)
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I'm glad to learned new things... and i wish you best of luck for the new beginning ... stay blessed...

thank you and you to :)

i meant im glad you learned new things lol... :))

lol i got ya :)