Silent Treatment As Revenge For Silent Treatment?

I made the mistake of being immature and giving my bf the silent treatment for a total of maybe 15 hours.

He found out that I wasn't "busy" but ignoring him because I was upset, and I think he's doing the same to me.

At the time, we agreed that it was immature and that we should discuss problems with each other and always be honest.

Last night he was acting weird on IM and said something like he needed time to be alone and we could "maybe" talk about it later.

Haven't been going out that long, maybe 3 months, but something in me tells me this isn't a good sign. Not that I'm counting the hours (yeah right), but he has not replied to my email that I sent last night or the text message I sent today. It's been over 24 hours since we have talked.

I am so close to hitting the block button on my phone, email and IM accounts...

I can think that maybe he's having other issues in his life (he is secretive but not as in he's seeing someone else, he has trust issues), or I can take the blow and just block him.

I don't know if I'm being rational or emotional.

HooliganKim HooliganKim
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2 Responses Jul 27, 2012

Doesn't sound like either one of you is serious. Just playing games. He may not be that into you. Best to find a guy who doesn't do immature things like that. Trust will only get worse...a lot worse!!! Get out now while you can and before you're to invested.

Personally, I don't like the silent treatment because it doesn't solve anything. Communication is what solves problems, and the silent treatment is just the opposite. Because you've been going out for about 3 months I am thinking it's worth trying to work out whatever issue is at hand? If you block him, working it out is going to be really difficult......

I could just block him on IM... He can call my land and mobile phones if he "wants" me. I know it doesn't solve anything. Just trying to prevent myself from getting hurt/rejected if that makes sense. Yeah-trust issues on my part too, you betcha. Thanks.

Yes, I understand where you're coming from - getting hurt sucks. I hope it all works out. =)