Yet I Always Am

i hate being ignored :( only meanies ignore people. people always tell me theyre here for me but i havent found anyone who actually means it and who actually does. :( i always run into the meanies :( im always ignored and left to be lonely :(
AngryBirdsLegos AngryBirdsLegos
13-15, F
2 Responses Jul 31, 2012

hmmm..hope you are getting new group of sweeties now :))<br />
I am double your I can be a friend but elderly think its okay ?

double my age doesnt make you elderly it only makes you wise and more mature. its okee with me

thank you...count me in..poke me sometimes..i will reply or try to i already getting mean ??

no youre not mean youre nice :)


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I care sissy I love u sorry for not being on much tonight :(