Being Ignored Is My Kryptonite.

I'd rather have someone screaming with anger at me then ignoring me all together. Being blown off nonchalantly is the WORST. That's when my crazy paranoia sets in. Plus I just feel hated.. so that's not ideal. This will drive me absolutely insane. In fact, I'm being ignored by more than one person right now, and I'm starting to lose my mind. I'm so confident, but that is my ONE insecurity that really gets to me. To someone else, it would be whatever... to me, it's everything. I'm not really a needy person, either.

Apparently, just in need of validation. Wait, that makes me needy. Man, I wish I could just be relaxed about stuff like this and realize 99% of the time it's not ME, they're just busy or distracted or whatever.
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2 Responses Aug 2, 2012

That is absolutely happening to me right now.... Ignored...and getting paranoid...:/

I can relate. Then i look crazy because I write too many texts and I can't figure out how someone could be so cold & not respond....